Himalayan Salt Sauna

Himalayan Salt Cabin at Carson Aesthetics.




Enter your own paradise with our Private Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna! 

Infrared saunas are able to penetrate far deeper into the skin than traditional saunas, allowing you to sweat out more toxins, ease tired muscles and sore joints better, and help with a plethora of ailments, inflammatory skin conditions, and weight loss. These rays leave you feeling renewed and re-energized.

Himalayan salt processes extraordinary healing when combined with of far infrared heat.

This private chamber gently heats the Himalayan salt bricks, the moisture-attracting properties of the salt are activated, allowing the natural humidity in the air to condense on the surface of the salt blocks, triggering the natural ionization process. During this process, the salt releases negative ions that in turn attach themselves to dust, bacteria, and other pollutants, effectively purifying the circulating air.

During your treatment you will also receive a Himalayan Salt- Hand and Foot Detox. This is a unique, multi-faceted treatment. Upon entering the sauna Nicole or Teri will place your hands on Himalayan Salt blocks. The warm setting of the salt allows the body to detoxify by opening the pores. Like bathing in the ocean, salt pulls water and toxins from the body.

It softly exfoliates, relaxes the hands and feet, and stimulates the entire central nervous system for repair. It will leave your whole-body tingling and decompressed.

Chromotherapy or Colour Therapy is an added psychological benefit to this treatment. It induces a meditative state of consciousness which allows for the utmost relaxation.

We use our knowledge of creating organic remedies to tailor a treatment plan that is customized for the client’s individual concerns.

• Regulate water content in body
• Achieve a healthy pH Balance
• Regulate Blood Sugar
• Promote circulation in the skin
• Digestion
• Respiratory Health
• Psoriasis and Eczema  
• Relieve Muscle Cramps
• Weight Loss
• Promote Sleep
• Enhance Libido
• Vascular Health
• Blood Pressure
• Allergies

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15-minute add-on Powerplate (high-speed workout by using vibrations) $10

Book Your Himalayan Salt Sauna Session Today!